Kempsey Neighbourhood Centre

Community Builders


Funded by Department of Communities and Justice (formerly Department of Families and Communities). In June 2020 this program was funded for 5 years through TEI (Targeted Early Intervention)

Community Builders funds the core of our work. Included in this program are information and referral, community connections and community building.

As an information and referral service KNC is the place people come when they don’t know where to go. People often need support to access services, programs or assistance, especially when they are distressed or in crisis. It is not enough to simply hand someone a phone number. The Access Worker position has been established to meet this need and spends time with clients to ascertain the best referrals, and to assist in that process.

People come to the Centre with a variety of issues including:


•  Homelessness or at risk of homelessness
•  Tenancy issues
•  Domestic Violence
•  Family breakdown
•  Financial difficulties
•  Needing food
•  Social isolation
•  Legal problems
•  Just released from prison
•  Victims of crime
•  Sexual assault
•  Mental health issues
•  Substance abuse issues

Through our partnerships, the network of services we work with and our internal referrals we are able to provide support and assistance in the majority of cases. And we include a cuppa and a friendly chat as well!

KNC encourages social connections through activities such as the Monday Meeting Place barbecue. We also are a safe place for people to sit around and have a cuppa and a chat.

KNC convenes the local Kempsey Interagency. This involves over 20 services who meet bi monthly and allows services to share information, remain up to date with new services and programs and identify common issues or concerns.

KNC also participates in community events such as NAIDOC week, Youth Week and the 16 Days of Act.

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Kempsey Neighbourhood Centre is a non-profit organisation dedicated to strengthening our local communities by promoting the principles of social justice and empowering people to enhance their quality of life.