About Us

Kempsey Neighbourhood Centre

Kempsey Neighbourhood Centre (KNC) Incorporated  is  a community based not for profit and non-government agency.

We provide a range of support services to all people in the Macleay Valley and the Mid North Coast including the transient population. Our services are targeted to those who are most disadvantaged and vulnerable.

Vision Statement

Kempsey Neighbourhood Centre is a non-profit organisation dedicated to strengthening our local communities by promoting the principles of social justice and empowering people to enhance their quality of life.

We share a vision of a community that:

• Provides resilient and caring communities for all of its residents,   especially those who are most vulnerable and disadvantaged.

•Celebrates diversity; including and supporting people from all cultures and walks of life.

•Enables all individuals and communities in all sectors of society to  participate fully in the processes that shape their communities.


Kempsey Neighbourhood Centre supports people through community action and the provision of a range of services to address our community’s needs. Our resources are directed toward the most disadvantaged and vulnerable members in the community

History of Kempsey Neighbourhood Centre Incorporated

Kempsey Neighbourhood Centre was originally established by local Kempsey residents and community workers. The centre was incorporated in 1984 and received their original funding through the Area Assistance Scheme to provide information, referral and advocacy services. The service also maintained a strong community development role, responding to the needs of local residents. 

The centre has weathered many changes in government and funding bodies that has had a direct impact on opportunities for organisational growth. We currently operate  in an extremely competitive environment, resulting in some wins and a few losses for our organisation in the tender procurement process.

During the last thirty years, the services have expanded to across the Mid North Coast. Currently services include Community Hubs located at Kempsey and South West Rocks, Financial Counselling, Indigenous Financial Counselling and Financial Capability , No Interest Loans, Centrelink Agency, Cooperative Legal Service Delivery Program, Problem Gambling Financial Counselling and Volunteer Gateway Service, Taming the Tiger and Indigenous Driving Change.

We are also proud of our governing board that is comprised of equal representation of Indigenous and non – Indigenous members and has successfully maintained this mix for over ten years. This diversity in our Management structure has provided strong leadership and direction for our organisation, ensuring we are accessible and accountable to all our stakeholders

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