Kempsey Neighbourhood Centre

Garage Sales


Our garage sales developed as a fund raising initiative to assist with food help and other emergency situations not covered by our funding.

Our garage sales run from the ‘shed’ in Eden Street and thanks to the support of the amazing Geraldine, and the equally amazing Maree, Helen, Steve, Dianne, Ruth, Kay, Tom, Lynn, Agnes, Anne, Peter and Lyn we have had a number of successful garage sales to raise money for our pantry cupboard – which provides some food relief for families and individuals ‘doing it hard’ as well as paying for the sausages and bread for our weekly barbecue.

All funds raised go directly back to the community in the form of food relief and we have had some wonderfully positive comments about the sale and about our use of the funds raised.
We hugely appreciate donations of saleable good including furniture, electricals and bric a brac in good condition and are very thankful for the wonderful donations that have been given by our community.


Food Relief:

Our food relief program is largely financed through the Garage Sale and this allows us to provide food assistance to individuals and families. Although the food we supply is basic, this supports many people in dire straits – i.e. cut off from benefits, hit with an unexpected bill or homeless/itinerant.

During this last year we have also provided support to people affected by bushfires and by COVID 19. We also supply hygiene products – soap, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoos and feminine hygiene products and, during COVID, cleaning and sanitising products

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