Help I owe fines!

Worried About Fines?

Lost your licence because of unpaid fines?

Has a child or young person in your care got fines?

Sometimes we can try not to think about fines, or sometimes we might forget or not realise we have been fined until we try to renew our licence or registration.

If fines go to State Debt Recovery interest will be added and you can end up owing a LOT more than the original fine.

Did you know if you have a child and they are received fines, and have not been in a financial position to pay these, they will be sent to state debt recovery which then fees will be added making the fines higher? Sometimes a young person goes to sign up for their Learners and realises they can’t because of unpaid fines. This can be a bit of a shock!

Here’s What You and your child/young person can do…

Sign up for a Work Development Order- if they are eligible

Apply to have your fines written off if you have serious Financial, Medical or Domestic problems

Make an appointment with the Financial Capability Worker at the Kempsey Neighbourhood Centre to talk about your options.

What is a WDO (Work Development Order)?

A WDO is where you can do unpaid work, counselling, courses, treatment programs and more activities to clear your fines.

How it works

Follow these 4 easy steps

1. Are you eligible for a WDO?

If one of these applies to you, you could be eligible.

•  I get a Centrelink benefit
•  I am in financial hardship
•  I am homeless or living in temporary accommodation
•  I have an addiction to drugs, alcohol or other substances
•  I have a mental illness
•  I have an intellectual disability
•  I have a cognitive impairment( such as autism, brain injury or dementia
•  I am under 18 years old

2. Get a sponsor

Some WDO sponsors are listed on the Revenue NSW website or you can call the WDO hotline. If you can’t find one in your area, the WDO Service at Legal Aid NSW may be able to help you find one. The WDO sponsor will confirm if you are eligible for a WDO and tell you what information you need to give them.

Kempsey Neighbourhood Centre is a WDO Sponsor.

3. Agree on your activities

You and your WDO sponsor decide what activities you’ll do. You can find examples of activities below. Your sponsor will set up your WDO with Revenue NSW.

4. Complete your WDO hours

Complete the activities you’ve agreed to do. Your WDO sponsor will report the hours to Revenue NSW each month.

Activities and Rates

1. Courses $50 per hour
2. Counselling (includes case management) $50 per hour
3. Unpaid work $30 per hour
4. Medical or mental health treatment Up to $1000 per month
5. Drug and alcohol treatment Up to $1000 per month
6. Mentoring programs (for under 25 years) Up to $1000 per month

With a Maximum of $1000 a month

Where to get help:

• Mid North Coast Financial Counselling Service: 1300 662 540

• Kempsey Neighbourhood Centre: 6562 8300

• Law Access NSW – 1300 888 529

• Jessica Welsh
Financial Capability Worker
Kempsey Neighbourhood Centre

Crisis numbers and helplines

Life Line

Free call 13 1114

Link2Home Homelessness

1800 152 152
The information and referral telephone service is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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