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Factsheet: Payday Loans

Jerry organised payday loans before his actual pay day as he was struggling to make it from pay to pay. Jerry was approved for 2 loans. Each loan was for $2000. He was also charged a $400 each time for an establishment fee and an $80 per month account servicing fee. Does this sound like you?

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Factsheet: NILS – No Interest Loans

Jo needed a new fridge as her old one was on its last legs but living on her Centrelink benefit meant that she could not afford one. Jo looked at Rent to Buy options and at getting a cash loan. Does this sound like you?

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Factsheet: I have just been locked up, what do I need to know?

Ray was charged with drug offences. He was remanded in custody with debts including a car loan, mobile phone contract, Child Support payments, Afterpay & direct debits set up. Ray also lost his wallet in the process. Does this sound like you?

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Factsheet: Funerals

When Grace was in her 30s she lost her uncle and her uncle didn’t have any funeral plan or any money to pay for his funeral, so his partner at the   me paid a lump sum $2,000 and Grace agreed to pay the remaining amount of $6,000. Does this sound like you?

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Factsheet: Fines

I’ve got fines. What Should I do? There is always something you can do if you can’t pay your fines in full by the due date.

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Factsheet: Domestic Violence – Financial Abuse

Rose is a 30 year old mother of 2 children. Rose lives with her partner, Bill. Rose works full time and Bill works casually for his uncle. Their wages go into a joint account but Rose is not allowed to have a cash card. Bill controls the money in the household. Does this sound like you?

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